Yin Yang

The watercolor painting Yin Yang belongs to traditional art media category and this is a part of my art work. The theme of artwork is a double portrait of a female and a male. More precisely, live models represent my husband Ivan and me when we were a boyfriend and a girlfriend and were still students, some time ago ;).

Yin Yang

We always had a lot of fun together and we share many artistic talents and love for art. We are both number three in numerological calculations, and characteristics listed above are typical for number three.

So, one day, we’d thought it would be fun if I created a funny double portrait of two of us. I prepared all the necessary equipment, paper, paints, water as a medium, brushes. I also prepared a mirror, and we stroke a pose in front of it. We rehearsed some funny facial expressions, and then decided which one is the funniest. It was some kind of art performance before creating the watercolor painting.

I had created this watercolor painting in cartoonish style. I still create in this style my drawings, watercolors, illustrations. I love this style and I am familiar with it. Cartoons have strong artistic influence on my art work.

Yin Yang by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
YinYang watercolor, 1990, 23/17 cm

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The title of the artwork indicates that you can detect complementary energies in action. And the artistic manner used in this watercolor is all about it. There we can see a play of corresponding colors, shapes, forms, lines, compositions.

There are other interesting aspects. Although the figures’ expressions’ look crazy and fun, there are absolutely products of natural factors. No alcohol or any strange substances are in action. Both Ivan and I are huge fans of healthy life, sports, and positive thinking. I stick to natural inspiration, I love healthy energies.

So, the title of the watercolor painting has broader meaning. It is about the flow and exchange of energy, which the following expression describes very well: Yin Yang.

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