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If you’d like to write some website reviews about my site,, here you can find all necessary instruction how to do it easily.

I would appreciate it if you would write a few words about this website, so I can check if I am going in the right direction and what I can improve.

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  1. Website Reviews by Maria

    by Maria

    I‘d like to say a few words in my website reviews note. It is always refreshing to have an opportunity to read something about art and artists on internet. This website is interesting. And I will explain why in one-two sentences.

    If you like to see what inspired the artist, you can read how artist had explained what inspired her to make a painting etc.

    Or if you want to check out some other information, you can read what the artist had wrote in her biography.

    If you want to buy her art, there is information about that, too.

    I can see on paintings gallery page and on some other pages that there are some images and links, but, when you click on links, an “under-construction page” is opening. I suppose there will be many more pages with stories about works of art soon. It is OK.

    I also see that artist biography has some information that will be also explained in more detail in the future.

    I think it is good combination of artistic and inspiring stories and other useful information.

    Anyway, it is really delightful to spend some time here and enjoy what artist had presented in her website. It feels good to have a chance to be a part of the artistic world. I agree with the artist that everybody can be an artist if he is aware how to enjoy every moment.

    I can see this website is still growing. I am sure I will come again to see new information.

    1. Dear art lover and website visitor Maria,

      Thanks for your website reviews.

      I am happy that you find my website interesting.

      Yes, is growing and there will be many more stories about art, artistic inspiration etc. Also, I will prepare other information for the website visitors.

      Come again soon and see the news.

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