Russian Painting

I painted RUSSIAN PAINTING during my postmodernist art or postmodernism period and during my Masters studies. The technique is oil on canvas. It was exhibited at my Masters Solo Exhibition in 1996 at The Gallery of The Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.

Russian Painting

In this period I got a chance to study computer design very thoroughly. I was impressed how technology and electronics can be transposed for artistic purpose. It was amazing to give a computer technology a heart by implementing it in a field of visual art. It was interesting to introduce the methods from computer art into traditional art techniques.

Of course, when I was creating a painting I didn’t have a sneaky plan to mechanically incorporate all those ideas in some specific painting. It does not work like that. You can not act with premeditation in art and expect to get satisfying and honest result. The only thing you can get is Frankenstein, and it was not my intention.

So, when I was creating a painting, I didn’t have any particular scene in mind, I didn’t plan to give a message, or anything like that.

I just was inspired, very easily and spontaneously, by the empty white square form of the canvas. And, so, a creative process began, as a flow of energy.

Russian Painting by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
RUSSIAN PAINTING, oil on canvas, 1995, 120/120 cm

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You can see two symbolic smiling faces smiling to each other on the painting. There are my other typical symbols, like Mickey Mouse ears, clouds, sky, and dogtooth pattern. Also, there is a font, which is not only equally legitimate visual element of a painting, but also uncovering a dilemma, a quest. It is asked if somebody’s got a chromakey. Chromakey is used in television technology. On the painting, the chromakey (chroma + key) is pointing to a happy resolution, because chroma means color in Greek, and I see colors as positive energy. Maybe smile and love are the answer. Semi-opened door can lead from the painting, and to the painting. Maybe the answer is in that direction. Because, it is possible that you maybe got a chromakey.

Elements from electronic media, like television and computer technology, and from other popular media like cartoons, are present on the painting.

When the process of creating was complete, the impression of the colors resonated in my heart as Russia. I don’t know if Russia has got a chroma-key, but the title of the painting was born, RUSSIAN PAINTING.

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