Rose Petals Watercolor Paintings

Rose Petals watercolor paintings are a segment of my art work which is created in traditional artistic techniques. They are also a part of a complex artistic project which consists of works created in both traditional and new media art techniques. The title of this project is “Crucially Important Disposition of Fluorescent Pink Rose Petals in Time and Space”.

About My Inspiration

The theme of the watercolors is fluorescent pink rose petals flowing and flying through an empty space. My inspiration in fact came completely out of the blue and of course I haven’t intentionally planned to create an artwork about this theme. There is a scene with the similar theme in famous movie “Little Buddha” by famous Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci. This scene is very famous and it is about Buddha meditating beside the famous three while realizing enlightenment.  There are fictional legions attacking him with fire arrows. But Buddha knows better, he is aware that everything is perfect, there is no danger, no attacks, it is all an illusion, which exists only in one’s imagination. But he also knows that there is a purpose of this illusion, that it is just a path which led him to the awakening or realization in Truth. He is thankful to the legions for giving him an opportunity to gratefully transform and morph fire arrows into beautiful, scented flower petals gently and gracefully flying through an empty space.

Why Rose Petals Watercolor Paintings?

This traditional artistic technique was very inspiring for me to create variations of limitless number of combinations of fluorescent pink or fuchsia rose petals so divinely flying through space.

The high quality paper and paints are used for the creative process.

Rose Petals, 2013, 20.5×29.5cm

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Why Fluorescent Pink or Fuchsia Color?

Well, the reason is, of course, very simple.  I adore this color. I love it because it is a personification of unconditional love and freedom for me.

Of course I never make a selection of colors while creating my art work to express some point or transmit some message…I just enjoy it and follow my hart. Simple as that.

I really enjoy every second when create my artworks expressing flying rose petals. Besides watercolors there are other artistic mediums used during creation: art installations, videos, animations, drawings, paintings…

I really, really enjoyed creating fluorescent pink rose petals watercolor paintings.

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