Rose Petals Animation

Rose Petals Animation series is a segment of my art work or even more precisely an element of my art project which consists of several aspects. This art project has been exhibited all over the world. The title of the entire artistic project is “Crucially Important Disposition of Fluorescent Pink Rose Petals in Time and Space”.

Petals Animation  in a Movie

The idea for creating animation art pieces about this theme came from a movie “Little Buddha” by famous Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci. There is one phenomenal scene in the movie at the final parts, with the main character, Buddha, played by my favorite actor Keanu Reaves. The Buddha is sitting in the meditative posture, while the armies, personification of violence, attack, danger, something fearful, are throwing flame arrows to “kill” or “hurt” Buddha.  But, because Buddha knows that everything is just perfect as it is, that, in fact, there is no danger, that it was an illusion, and, therefore, there is no need to “protect” “somebody”, or “anybody”, he is perfectly at peace, calm, still, with a blissful smile on his beautiful face. He reminded me on smiley face computer icon :). And, guess what happened? There was no more so called attacks any more, and flame arrows were very gently and divinely transformed and morphed into beautiful flowers and flowers’ petals so beautifully flying through the empty space.

How I Express My Gratitude through
Rose Petals Animation

This particular scene or image is something that I adore the most here on planet Earth. I really, really love this scene with all my heart.  It is one of the most beautiful shows here on this planet, those flying rose petals. The realizations and awareness that I am grateful, totally grateful for everything that comes my way is so completely liberating and crucial. This simple mantra:”Thank you!” coming directly from my heart is something that I am aware for almost all the time.  Well, yes, I admit that there are moments when I briefly do believe that so called attacks and danger are real, but it is getting easier for me to stay still, calm, peaceful, blissful. It is really liberating when you come to realization that everything is perfect, everything is OK, and everything is safe.

One of the ways to express my gratitude is to create art in the form of magnificent flying fluorescent pink rose petals in various artistic mediums. Various forms in which this artistic idea is expressed and explored or developed are: art drawings, paintings, watercolors, installation art and so on…

In the form of artistic computer animation this artistic project was exhibited as a part of my solo exhibition held in 2013 at the ULUS Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia. One of the most appreciated and popular element of the artistic project is the rose petals animation.

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