Pink Landscape

Pink Landscape is oil painting. Creating in this traditional art technique is a part of my art work, because I also use new media art techniques.

Pink Landscape

The painting is created in my postmodernist art or postmodernism artistic period which is continuing in these times, too. Some typical visual components of my style are evident on the painting, like purified brightly colored textures, then iconography from the cartoons and comics and so on.

The format of this painting is small; it looks like some kind of gigantic miniature.

The size of the painting suggests that that the overall atmosphere expressed in this artwork is mainly intimate, gentle and tender.

This is obviously a painting, but we can say that it could be a picture about a letter, and the letter is about some beautiful landscape. We can imagine that the letter was written on some pink scented paper.

Is their some person with real mail address who was the supposed receiver of the letter I had painted? Most likely I am the receiver of my own letter. I am always addressing myself while creating. I don’t care about what would people who will see the painting later when it is finished think about it.

Pink Landscape by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Oil on Canvas, 2007, 25/20 cm SOLD!


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The message which this painting is sending is romantic.

What romance occurred here?

This is a romance between the artist and nature. Then, there is a romance between the artist and art. Also, this is a romantic story about the relationship between the artist and the creative artistic process.

The romantic relationship between the artwork and its observers, art lovers is a bonus.

The painting is created in 21st century, but I can sense the rococo or roccoco atmosphere. This artistic style is one of my favorites. There is a feeling of nostalgia for this period arising when I look at the painting.

The principles from the manuscript Trattato della pittura by Leonardo da Vinci were applied while creating this painting. Those writings contain instructions for artists and suggestions in which way perspective should be drawn or painted. It is explained in this precious renaissance script that distant objects fade out is increased proportionally as distance from our eyes increases. Leonardo’s principles are visible on the Pink Landscape.

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