Mexican Painting

Mexican Painting, a segment of my art work, created in traditional art technique is created as oil on canvas. The format of the painting is large and it is created in my postmodernist art or postmodernism phase.

Mexican Painting

I was very happy to use many of my favorite visual symbols and elements which are typical for the style, like dog-tooth pattern, intensive color palette, cartoonish character, clouds, etc.

The central theme of the painting is a vision of some monument. It resonated in my heart and in my mind as Mexico, this marvelous place. There are so many connotations associated with this exceptional country. My association was connected with those intensive colors, which nourish my soul. Thinking about powerful and intensive colors naturally triggers ideas about spicy and intensive scents and delicious cuisine.

Mexican Painting by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Mexican Painting, Oil Painting, 1995, 147/128 cm

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There are so many other associations about Mexico. For example, I bear in my mind Mayas, Incas, Aztecs and their ancient civilization and culture.

I am not an expert for their culture or art; but, it is easy to understand that their civilization was extraordinary.

How can I escape to mention popular speculations about the Mayan calendar and so called the end of the world it allegedly had predicted?

For me, Mayan predictions are very interesting. Not only Mayan, but also many other spiritual teachings also believe that there is crucial shift occurring in 2012 here on planet Earth. The whole planet is ascending and so is everything which is present and alive here on our planet.

I have to admit that I also feel that the energy is in the process of transformation and that the transition is occurring.

How can I witness that I feel the transformation?

Well, I have to say that the external manifestation of the shift is not necessarily pleasant at first glance. Sometimes there are unpleasant sensations in my physical body or in my so called life circumstances. But, I can not overlook that this is a by-product of the ascension. Generally, I witness the process of purifying and healing is accelerated.

So, some of the hints and signs are here, in front of our eyes, structured nicely in the form of Mexican Painting.

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