I painted LAKERS during my postmodernist art or postmodernism phase in acrylic on canvas technique.

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Back in 1998 I was watching NBA basketball match on TV. The match was played on the Lakers’ stadium in Los Angeles. I didn’t see people; I was mesmerized by a terrain. I was fascinated with the appearance of the playground. I liked colors and lines. The wooden floor was so refined; the color was delicate, almost like human complexion. The lines drawn on the playground reminded me on the make up, eyeliner, for example. No doubt, for me, that terrain has its own personality. So, I decided to paint a portrait of a sport terrain.

Lakers by Aleksandra vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Lakers, acrylic on canvas, 1998, 145/170 cm

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The size of the painting is monumental, but the elements are painted softly and gently. Colors and lines are subtle. The “portrait” of the playground was placed in the center of the scene. Although the composition is central, the painting is not completely symmetrical and the energy is active. There is very soft pink-violet color and energy of love surrounding the central motif, the terrain. The vibration of that pink-violet texture is accented with four dog-tooth pattern decorations around the edge of the painting. It is not obvious to determine which of them is brought to front, or sent back and what is the distance between them and the distance from the observer’s eyes. The painting has its own autonomous concept of space and in fact, each part is equally important.

As you can see, it is not impossible to transform an object like sport terrain into an object of art and add personality attributes like emotions to it. Because everything is possible in art.

And there is another thing. The theme of a sport’s playground can not be too far away from the idea of real life battlefields.

This artwork was exhibited in 1999 at my solo exhibition ”Yuropean Nightmare (The Ball is Small)” at the Sport Café Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia.

I choose to concentrate on the pink energy of love of the City of Angels or of the painting with a title LAKERS.

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