Double Portrait

Double Portrait is segment of my art work created as oil on canvas, a traditional art technique.

Double Portrait

The format of the painting is not large, and it is created in my version of the postmodernist art or postmodernism style. Its most distinctive characteristics on my paintings are: purified colors, bright and vivid, dog-tooth pattern, and fictional characters from the field of comics and cartoons, but stylized and simplified.

The painting has a playful and joyous concept. There are several elements that contribute to this impression.

For example, bright colors remind me on color palette used for coloring children’s toys, or rooms, or clothes…they also remind me on candy shops and things like that…

Double Portrait by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Oil on Canvas, 1995, 30/40 cm

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One of my favorite motifs is present here on the painting and this is the idea of the exchange of the energy between the object of art and its observer. This interaction is very interesting.

I unconsciously and unintentionally implement this idea on many of my paintings by creating an impression that fictional characters from the painting are “looking” at the observers. I confirm that is done without premeditation, because I don’t have any calculations while creating. I just follow my intuition and inspiration.

My paintings and my creative process are non-linear. They are not narrative. I am neither describing nor illustrating some objects of my observation or some ideas and I just follow my strong impulse to create. I trust my intuition unconditionally.

Obviously in this painting two fictional characters’ features are melted. Characteristics of one are emerging from the other one. Or is it one character with at least two appearances…Who knows…I don’t know what is this exactly and why I created the painting like that…I don’t know what is the exact connotation of this constellation…and I have no intention to explore the hidden meaning…for me this what it is, pure fun creating  Double Portrait.

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