Artist Statement

My artist statement explains what are the general theme, motif and course of my art work. It tells what my art is all about.

It helps me to better connect to my potential artistic audience which is interested to find out more about my art work. Of course, not only the art lovers, but also art critics can get more information about my work from my explanation.

Artist Statement more…

Universal thoughts and emotions

Trough my art I mostly express universal thoughts and emotions. I focus on positive and optimistic aspect. I am looking for fun and humor, joy and bliss both in everyday circumstances and in broader plan. This is how, in fact, I see, feel and comprehend spirituality and evolving of the planet energy. I am not eschewing so called obstacles; I usually transform them by positive approach. I express that attitude in my art.

In my statement it is important to say that I use pure colors and universal symbols in various combinations to express my delight with life in general and its manifestations in visible and invisible realms and dimensions. Sometimes I point to some actual event, or some social issue. I use the elements of visual art language to express my reactions, actions, observations, contemplation, attitudes. They can be either universal or intimate, private.

Russian Painting by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
RUSSIAN PAINTING, oil on canvas, 1995, 120/120 cm


Non-linear timeless reality

An important part of my artist statement is that I like my art not to be linear or descriptive or narrative. I don’t merely illustrate some scene that I observe, reminiscence or idea that I have on my mind. Even when I use a camera, the result is not purely illustrative or descriptive. Also, timeless reality is present in the majority of my artworks. I can’t possibly run away from my non-linear timeless core and I am aware of that. You can not observe my art work just moving from the point A to the point B, and then proceed to the point C and so on. It has to be observed simultaneously and freely.

I don’t try to be likable

I don’t involve premeditation in my art, or in my life. I follow my gut instincts and intuition and passion from my heart. Sometimes it is not very practical or profitable. So what? I don’t have any intention to impress or please critics or art audience. I don’t expect a medal for what I am doing in any area, especially in art. I just follow my strong inspiration and go with the powerful energetic flow. This is me, I am what I am. I don’t pretend to be somebody else. This is me and my artist statement tells more about it.

I am pretty dashing and sharp, and my art is not immune to that. I have intense emotions and reactions. I can’t pretend to be other then that and act differently in my art. I love truth and justice and I am learning how to improve more and see that there is always present universal justice and that everything is well.

Diamond by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
DIAMOND, ambiance, computer animation, digital prints, lightning effects, 2007


I love so many beautiful things. Although I am a productive artist, I just can’t manage to have enough time to express this entire enormous amount of energy. I am not Super(wo)man yet. But, I keep trying.

So, I can tell that universal love and strong energy flow constitute the general course of me and my art. This is me. This is my artist statement.

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