Art Lessons

My name is Aleksandra Vasovic, I am a Master of Fine Arts, and I am offering ONLINE classes for the following subjects: painting, drawing, illustration, digital art…

Who can enrol?


  • Anyone from 3 to 103 who wants to enjoy the art as a hobby. The perquisites are willingness to be enthusiastic, and to indulge in a specific joyful artistic universe, so we can play together, and at the same time learn art skills and techniques, develop intuition, creativity. And enjoy playing with colors, lines, having fun, laughing.


  • Anyone who would like to be a professional artist or is already an art student.



  • For group hobby classes, which are held once a week, and last around 30-35 minutes, the price is 10 EUR per month.
  • For individual classes prices, please, message me. Individual classes duration is around 55 minutes.

You receive the recordings of each class you enrolled.

How do you pay for the classes?


  • You pay for the classes via PayPal.

Enjoy Studying Art

If you just want to enjoy the flow of creative energy between art students and also between art students and art teacher, this is a very good reason to learn art. And, of course, the main purpose is to really learn how to draw, paint or use other creative artistic techniques to articulate and refine your creativity and talent.

Nude Study by Aleksandra Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Nude Study, charcoal on natron paper drawing, 1989, 144/178 cm

Maybe I am an Art Teacher You Always Wanted

If you have an idea to learn art from me, here are details about me…

As a Master of Fine Arts, I am a certified art teacher. I am B.A. and M.F.A. from The Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, Belgrade University of Arts and B. Arch. From the Faculty of Architecture at Belgrade University.


When I teach you how to learn something more about art or to become an artist yourself, I am mostly try to teach you how to be more creative and at the same time more skillful in order to expand your level of creativity and step into more extraordinary dimensions and levels, aspects of your natural being.

Still Life by Aleksandra Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Still Life Study, charcoal on natron paper drawing, 1989, 150/178 cm

Why I Speak about Creativity

To learn artistic techniques is very important. Artistic praxis and experience is also crucial. But the most important ingredient of art work is opened and free heart and mind, and also deep and true emotions.

What Art Techniques I Teach

You can choose between several options and taste what kinds of art lessons are most adequate for you.

There are several art techniques and methods that I teach:




-watercolor painting



-studies or life drawing: nudes and still life

-oil painting

-acrylic painting

-digital art

-new media art

Types of Art Lessons I Teach

I can teach you in person, at my art studio, or we can use Skype. Skype is absolutely adequate way to fully experience the process of learning art.


Then, you can decide between taking a lesson or two, maybe several lessons or you might take a complete course. The art courses typically last from one day up to several months, or even years, depending of your level of previous artistic experience and what do you want to learn.

Art Class Duration

Art class duration is 35 minutes for a group or 55 minutes for individual classes. You can have a block which lasts longer and consists of several classes.

I also organize art workshops, which are wonderful way to enjoy art work.

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