Art Friends

Art friends are so precious not only in the world of art and visual arts, but also in every possible aspect of our lives.

What is art about?

The need for sharing in the field of art is essential. Art is all about love and deepest and purest emotions. Art is also about truth, and nothing but the truth.

Artists are exceptional colleagues

Of course artist needs friends and their support. It is so wonderful to witness a warm friendly relationship between artists. Sometimes it is not so easy to accomplish. Bit much more importantly, divine exchange of creative energy and powerful emotions among artist friends is priceless.

Artists are good art friends

A friendship between artists and people who are not artist is so inspiring for both parties. It is fun to have an artist friend, playful and innocent like a child.

Yes, it is true; so many artists remain like children all the time. Sometimes they seem pretty naïve, just like kids. But, this is just one aspect of the complex yet free and pure artistic soul. Artists are the most subtle, clear-sighted and intelligent beings.

They never disconnect from the very source of our true nature, our true being, from the source of all that exists. It is normal and natural for artists to receive information and impulses from invisible divine realms.

It is very extraordinary experience to have around your artistic friends.

And, of course, since the artists are so playful and joyous beings, they need you to be their beacon in this three dimensional world. Sometimes artist do not understand how to adjust to everyday life circumstances. Hopefully there is a friend to offer a helping hand, so artist then can realize which approach or action is the most appropriate to some situations.

I adore and appreciate my friends. Those words are dedicated to my friends from both worlds – artistic and real life world.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank all my colleagues, friends and supporters, sponsors for making it possible for me to fully dedicate and devote myself to artistic creation. They are so precious and they enable me to share my artistic vision and message with the world.

Rose Petals by Aleksandra Vasovic
Crucially Important Disposition of Fluorescent Pink Rose Petals in Time and Space

Thank you!!!

Thank you so much, my lovely art friends!!!

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